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Are You Looking For Experinced Quran Tutor?

Exact is a well known and is regarded as a prominent name in the Muslim community.

Our Courses

Noorani Qaida

Master Quranic recitation with precision for online Quran services at home through my Noorani Qaida course. Tailored for beginners, this concise program ensures a solid foundation in online Quran classes in usa with Tajweed and pronunciation for confident Quranic reading by online quran tutor in usa

Quran Reading

Unlock the art of Quranic reading in my tailored course. Perfect for all levels, I guide you through comprehensive sessions to enhance your understanding and fluency in Quranic recitation.

Arabic Laguage

Embark on a dynamic Arabic language journey with my personalized course. From essential grammar to practical conversation, master Arabic fluency in a tailored and engaging learning experience.

Hifz Program

Enroll in my Hifz program to memorize the Quran systematically. Personalized guidance and structured lessons make this course ideal for individuals aspiring to commit the Quran to memory with confidence.

Quranic Arabic

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Quranic Arabic with my specialized course. Unlock the linguistic nuances and deepen your understanding for a profound connection with the Quran.

Tarbiya Classes

Elevate your spiritual journey with my Islamic Tarbiya classes. Cultivate a holistic understanding of Islamic teachings and values in personalized sessions for meaningful personal growth.

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